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6 Air Conditioning Myths Proven Wrong

There are lots of air conditioning myths doing its rounds, leading to misinformation and people doing the wrong things. You too may have come across some of these myths some time or the other. This is why this is an attempt at demystifying these air conditioning myths and setting things straight.

Myth no.1: AC filters need to be replaced annually

False. It is better if you change air filters every month, if not every three months. This is especially important if you have pets and someone with an allergy at home as dirty filters reduces air flow quality. It also leads to increased utility bills and possible problems as your AC has to work harder to cool the room.

Myth no.2: The house cools faster upon lowering the thermostat

False. The AC does not work harder just because you have lowered the thermostat’s temperature. In fact, the thermostat does not depend on the temperature setting to cool or heat your home.

Myth no.3: You save money and energy switching off the AC while at work

This is partially true as you do save money by switching the air conditioner off while at work. But at the same time, you force your air conditioner to work more to cool your home once switched on.

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So the money or energy you save with the AC off during the day is compensated when you turn the AC back on in the evenings. You should instead adjust the thermostat to about 5 or 6 degrees so that the AC works less in the day. So it doesn’t have to work too hard to cool off your home at night.

Myth no.4: As long as the AC turns on, it’s working fine

False. Even though the AC may work when switched on, don’t ignore any unusual sounds coming from it. It could be something major which if ignored can lead to bigger and more expensive air conditioning repair job. Call your AC technician to check your unit if you notice something amiss.

Myth no.5: You don’t need ceiling fans if you have an AC

False. Buying a ceiling fan when you buy your AC is a very wise decision. They together not only help save energy but also raise your comfort levels. As air conditioners are fixed at high levels, the air it emits may not reach you directly.

In fact, the cool air in an air-conditioned room is stagnant and hotter than flowing air. However, if you also switch on a ceiling or stand fan with the air conditioner, then the fan moves the cold stagnant air to increase our comfort levels.

Myth no.6: Air conditioners don’t need annual servicing

False. All electronic appliances, including your air conditioner, needs regular servicing for improved working and efficiency. In fact, don’t wait only for your annual check-up. You can make it a habit to inspect your air conditioners periodically for any problems it may have. It’s better fixing small problems instead of ignoring it, and it grows into a bigger problem.

Now that these 6 myths have been dispelled, you will be able to bring out the best in your air conditioner and prolong its life.


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