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A Guide to Buying the Best Air Conditioning Unit

Are you planning to buy your first air conditioning unit? If yes, you should be happy to know that you’re not alone. Many first-time buyers check numerous outlets to pick an ideal system. The truth is air conditioners have become an important appliance in any home or office. Also, gone are the days when AC units were meant to cool the place. Modern AC systems are designed to purify the air and dehumidify the place in addition to cooling your home/office. As such, more and more people buy an AC. However, your success lies in picking the best unit.

How to pick the best air conditioning device?

Many first-time buyers make big mistakes when choosing an air conditioner. Most of them fall prey to the salesman’s tricks. However, any salesman is interested in selling their products. They’re not much bothered about your needs. Consequently, many buyers finish up with a less pleasing unit. You may do away with this problem by adhering to the below guide.

Portable or fixed

Basically, air conditioners are divided into two categories – Portable and fixed designs. A portable unit can be carried wherever you like. On the other side, a fixed unit usually stays mounted on windows if you wish to cool a small house, a fixed unit should be your obvious choice. However, a portable device makes a perfect option for a home with multiple rooms. You may move the AC wherever you go and cool the place.

Brand name

Many shoppers don’t pay heed to the brand name. They take a look at the design and style. Some buyers go after a low-priced air conditioning device. However, most of these shoppers repent on their decision later. It’s better to be safe than sorry. So, see to it that you explore reputable brands only. While branded models come at a higher price, they’re worth every single penny. Also, such models consume less energy. This, in turn, lets you recoup the cost soon.


Most buyers shop impulsively and shell out too much money on their purchase. To avoid getting ripped off, formulate your budget. A planned budget keeps you within your finances. Also, a properly planned budget lets you make the best use of money when choosing an AC device.


No matter how attentive you’re, your air conditioning unit will sustain damages with time. Although minor repairs are okay, you may want to avert major repairs. This is more so during your initial purchase period. So, how do you do that? Your best bet will be the model’s warranties. Check the warranty of the device. Never choose a model that isn’t covered by any warranty. Rather, look for quality, energy-efficient models that come with an extended warranty.

Choose smartly

By this time, you know what to look for in an air conditioning unit. Now it’s time to pick an ideal unit. Compare the rates, energy efficiency ratings, size, and warranty of each device. Also, go through the shipping and return policy carefully. Finally, pick the best air conditioner that comes at the most economical price with a sound warranty.

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