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All You Need to Know Before Buying a Heating System

Sometimes we desire cold temperatures (Especially when our environment is hot) and other times we desire hot temperatures (Especially when our environment is cold), the temperature we want at any point in time is dependent on what the ambient temperature around us is. In most of the western world where cold temperatures are normal, during the winter season, hot temperatures become desirable and this is where heating comes in.

What is Heating

Heating is defined as the process of raising or increasing the temperature of a specifically defined space or area for the purpose of increasing comfort. Heating tends to increase temperatures in situations where higher temperatures are generally seen as being more comfortable. When we talk about domestic heating then we bring up the topic of heating systems. When it comes to domestic heating one of the most utilized heating systems is the Central Heating System.

A central heating system increases the temperature or in other words, provides warmth to a whole building or a part of a building from a source region (This is usually where the heating system is located) to other rooms in the building. The whole heating system is sometimes referred to as an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system.

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Types of Heating Systems

There are various types of heating systems and each heating system has its own specific medium or way of heating. Some of these include:

Gas central heating

Gas central heating is used in homes that are connected to the mains gas grid. The gas is delivered to individual homes through underground pipelines. It is a more convenient way of heating and can be easily controlled with a thermostat.

Heating oil

Central Heating Systems that use heating oil are more rampant in the rural areas, these are areas that are disconnected from the mains gas grid. Houses usually have a tank located on the property, it is in this tank that the heating oil is kept after it has been supplied by the supplier


Liquid petroleum gas is also used in homes not connected to the mains gas grid, LPG is a clean fuel and emits far lesser carbon dioxide than your conventional liquid fuels. Unlike heating oil, LPG tanks are stored underground.

Electrical central heating

Electrical Central heating is also another means of heating. It is used primarily in homes that are not connected to the gas grid. It is convenient, doesn’t require pipelines and is available worldwide. Heating services are required for optimum performance.

Advantages and disadvantages

Each of the heating systems has their pro’s and con’s, for example; the Gas central heating is more convenient and cost-effective, however gas central heating system installation from scratch is very expensive. The heating oil system is dependent on global price fluctuations, this means prices could be lower during certain periods and higher in others, kerosene is a fossil fuel and emits carbon dioxide into the air. In the LPG system, since the tank is stored underground it is relatively safe. LPG tanks need to undergo heating services annually by an engineer, the cost of gas can be expensive. The electrical central heating system is cheap to install, however, it’s running cost is more expensive when compared to other heating options.


Heating your home is very important, and it is important we use the most appropriate heating system when we want to do so, but not just the most appropriate heating system but the best heating services are required because a system is only as good as the person or people that install it.


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