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Gas Heating Vs Electric Heating

Ducted heating can be referred to as convection heaters that use insulated ducts to circulate warm air in your home with just a click of a switch. The warm air enters your rooms through the ceiling or floor. Ducted heating will give you distinct advantages that other warming alternatives will not. With ducted heating, your home will still look modern due to their streamlined appearance since the condenser is placed outside with all the ducting concealed in the ceiling. It is important to note ducting heating cost will depend on whether you go for electric or gas heaters.

Ducted gas heaters

Ducted gas heaters are generally run on natural gas. Gas ducted heating is a simple and cost-effective way of warming and can easily be controlled to create a warm environment for the family. To hit the air, a heater is powered by gas.

Electric heaters

Electric heaters, on the other hand, offer the same service. However, electric heaters heat air and supply it in a different way through space. As the name suggests electric heaters are powered by electricity as opposed to natural gas. To warm air, the electric unit uses an electric resistance. So the ducted heating cost will depend on the system capacity, features and whether the heaters are powered by gas or electricity (it is important to note the installation cost is different for each).

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What does the ducted heating cost?

To warm a maximum area of 325 square meters, a residential heating system ranges from 14 kilowatts for approximately 130 square meters of total heating area to 35kilowatt. The ducted heating cost could be about $1300 to $1600 for a 14kW system with 3, with 23 to the 35kW system going for $2000 to $2600 with 4-5 Star.

Some of the systems of equal capacities may be priced higher because they have added features. For instance, a zone system costs more but comes with better heating control in individual rooms. It is advisable to carefully compare prices from different suppliers. It is important to make clear your budget and the features you want in order to get yourself the best system. It is also important to note that the prices highlighted above are indicative and you should treat them as a guide because they vary depending on your locality. The prices are also subject to market forces.

Electric or gas ducted heating

To settle on the gas ducted heating system or an electric system, you need to think long-term as opposed to thinking within the initial costs of supply and installation. If you think in that line, you will most likely discover that gas heating is a better option because of its added advantages.

Benefits of that ducted gas seating will offer you

The system will come with lower installation costs with lower running costs. Amazingly this option will give you reduced greenhouse emissions, as you know it is good to take care of our environment. We all have an obligation to do that, right?


Generally, you can use most systems with either LPG or natural gas. However, LPG is more costly than natural gas but in the long run, it will be cheaper to maintain compared to electricity. So what does ducted heating cost? The cost will be determined by, a mentioned the system capacity, features that come with the system and whether the heaters are powered by gas or electricity, and do not forget the maintenance cost too.

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