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How Does a Heating System Work

The best solution to keep your home or office temperature under control is to get a heating system. Heating systems still puzzle most when it comes to how they work. Let’s explore

Heating systems still puzzle most when it comes to how they work. Let’s explore more about how heating systems work to help you select the best one.

Types of Heating Systems and How They Work

To understand better how heating systems work, it is important also know about the different types of heating systems available.

The main types of heating systems available include:

  •   Heating Furnaces

Several North American homes use Central heating furnaces.

Furnaces work by sending heated air to ducts, which then transfer warm air that heats up rooms through grills or air registers. These heating systems can be powered either by fuel oil, electricity, or natural gas.

Types of Heating Systems

  •   Boilers

Boilers function as both water heaters and home heaters as well.

These heating systems work by carrying warm air through water and distributes heat through radiators as well as other devices within homes. They get powered by heated oil or natural gas.

  •   Heat Pumps

Heat pumps work as two-way air con systems.

During the hot summer days, it functions by drawing out heat from indoors and sending it outdoors. However, during the cold winter days, the heat pumps works inversely by drawing in warm air from outdoors and with help from electrical systems discharges it within homes offering much-needed heat.

Heat pumps are further divided into two types; Air-source and Geothermal Exchange (GX). The Air-source types draw warm air from outside air while the GX use the heat that is found underground.

  •   Gas Powered Space Heaters

Gas powered space heaters offer home heating solutions to several houses as well as in America.

They often include floor furnaces, wall-mounted, and freestanding ductless heaters. The small amount of heat produced by these types of heating system is only sufficient to warm up a single room.

  •   Electric Space Heaters

These are plug-in types of space heaters that are very affordable but can result in high power costs from their usage.

Quartz-infrared and oil-filled heaters also fall under this category. They work by converting electric current delivered from a socket into heat. They function much like a clothes iron or toaster.


  •   Wood/Pellet Heaters

For as far back as can be remembered, burning wood or pellets has been used as a heating source in rural areas.

Wood/pellet stoves are popular in areas where wood is easy to come by, and they work by burning the timber/pellets for heat. Clean burning stoves are promoted to limit pollution emission that is characteristic of wood stoves.

  •   Fireplaces

Walk into any American home and chances are they have a fireplace. Burning of wood or gas through fireplaces has been a source of heat for most homes as far back as can be remembered.

However, fireplaces are not efficient heating sources, and they are not the most convenient sources of heat.

There you go; we are sure that now you can answer the question “how does a heating system work based on an understanding of the different types of heating systems available.


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