Top 5 Benefits Of Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is very popular now. It is now one of the fastest growing home improvement projects around the world. Here are the major benefits of having underfloor heating.

Low maintenance costs

Underfloor heating doesn’t require much maintenance. It is true for both electric and water based underfloor heating. In case of water-fed heating, you should be careful that it is certified to BS EN 1264 standards. These standards are very reliable, and companies that perform these tasks offer 25 years guarantee.

Simple energy efficiency

Underfloor heating is more efficient than the radiators. So, the utility bills are lower as well. But you should make sure that you do the efficiency test before installing a heating system. This will ensure that you get the optimal performance from heating. The floor retains heat better than the traditional radiators. So, your home will be able to retain heat longer with underfloor heating.

High level of comfort

Your home will feel very comfortable with underfloor heating. The temperature will be consistent throughout the room. You will feel the same comfort throughout the room.

It is more hygienic

Because of underfloor heating, there won’t be any dust mites or other crawlies in the house. Underfloor heating makes these creatures uncomfortable. So, they don’t breed in the house anymore. Your respiratory illnesses will be reduced.

Flexible temperature

Each room has it’s own dedicated thermostat so that you can control the temperature. The temperature of one room need not be the same as that of the other. You can keep the temperature low in rooms that are not used much, and cut down on your utility bills.

You can have the underfloor heating on any kind of floor including vinyl, carpet, engineered wood, laminate, etc. It is a better option than the traditional one.

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heater repair
Basic Things About Home Heater Installation

When the summer has left and the chill of fall and winter starts to enter the air, it can be beneficial to look at installing some kind of heating solution in your home. Or perhaps you already have a heating system, but it might be time to find a more cost-effective or energy-efficient replacement. This is where your heater technician comes in- they can advise on the best kinds of heating for your home and help get you ready for the colder months.

heater installation

There are various types of heating solutions on the market, from hot water baseboards to steam and geothermal heaters. The most common heating solution used by heater technicians are heating systems based on air- air is warmed by a furnace, and is then redirected throughout the house by a system of air ducts. There are benefits and drawbacks to this kind of heating installation as any heater technician will tell you- it’s a less costly way to heat the entire home, but this kind of heater installation can be difficult to do as it needs all kinds of setting up inside the walls. Heater technicians will also tell you that air heater installation also require a lot of upkeep and maintenance and can cause the allergies of the homeowners to flare up during high-allergy seasons.

Hot water heaters are another popular way to heat your home, and work by heating hot water through a boiler which is then redirected around the house by the heater technician, either through baseboards or convection units. There are many advantages to having your heater technician install a water heating system in your home- this heating type is more energy efficient and less noisy, and won’t spread allergens in your home. Heater technicians will warn you though that the actual convection units of the heating system will need to be unobstructed, and that they can be slow to warm up to the correct temperature.

For homeowners who want less intrusive heating, heater technicians will often recommend radiant heating. Radiant heating works by supplying the house with heat through panels that are placed underneath the flooring or inside the walls. Radiant heating has the benefit of being much more effective than air heating systems as less heat is lost, and is much better for homeowners who suffer from allergies. While initial installation of this heating system can be expensive, heater technicians can install different types of radiant heating dependent on the homeowner’s budget.

Another heating system used by heater repair technicians are electric heat pumps. Electric heat pumps make use of the same cycle as the air conditioner in the home, except it reverses the cycle to move heat through the house. Heater technicians recommend this method as it is not only energy efficient but are also more cost-effective than using gas-based furnaces. Heat pumps can be fuelled by other sources like the ground under your home- this is called geothermal heating. Geothermal heating is also called ground-source heating by heater technicians and works by pumping heat from the underground where temperatures are more consistent.

So talk to your local heater technician about the best heating type for your home before the colder months set in- it’s best to have it ready before you need it.

heating repair


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electrical repair
How to Get the Best Electrical Services for Your Home

A true home is where all your appliances work smart without a pause and make everyday life easier. Did you know that the ceiling fan on top of your head, the mobile phone in your pocket and the laptop on the desktop are just to name a few that need electricity? What if one fine day one of them come to a hiatus? No doubt, it will make your homemaking a lot more complicated. Fear not, there are electrical services that can keep your stalwarts running all day long without a speed-knock.

Who knows, if it’s already time to recharge your devices with the expert treatments! Do it before your residential chores become a fuss.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of electrical services available at your doorstep today. Just get off your couch and go online. Always look for a certified brand that can undertake and carry out all your domestic services with a guarantee of satisfaction and safety.

Want to service your equipment in minutes? Here is a complete know-how. Stay tuned.

Why Do You Need a Service:

The main problem is most of the homemakers take the pain of finding the right electrician to cater to their needs when things go out of control. But an electrician is not for emergencies always. You can book an electrician just to check the health of your indoor running devices even if they don’t give you the slightest hint of a problem.

electrical repairs

However, the following is a list of services where household technicians can offer the most insured electrical services to ease out your everyday homemaking…

  1. Partial or full rewiring
  2. Replacement of distribution board
  3. Socket replacement
  4. Light installation
  5. Heating systems
  6. Fault finding
  7. Electric showers and taps
  8. External lighting
  9. Portable appliance testing
  10. Fire detection
  11. Emergency lighting test
  12. Testing inspection and reporting

And all types of maintenance services.

Neat, huh?

So, let’s now see what makes your service provider unique.

Pick it Right:

When it comes to choosing the best electrical services for your home, make no mistake to do a thorough quality check. While there is a gazillion of services to give you a quick fix anytime, choosing something… anything might get you in a problem in the long run.

However, the following are the staple features that make one service different from another…

  • A long service record
  • High customer ratings
  • Insurance of service
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Flexible service hours
  • In-house technicians with full background checked and verified

residential electrician

What better way to get a service right at the comfort of your home? But before you move ahead to hire one, here are the advantages you can’t take your eyes off.

Advantages of a Professional service:

There are many advantages of periodically hiring electrical services for your smart devices that need power at all times.

Let’s see them…

  • A field inspection
  • A value pitch
  • A free quotation
  • 24*7 helpline and support
  • No holiday charges
  • After service care
  • Periodic tests and inspections

So, don’t wait till your light flickers or your switches spark. Just call an electrician home and treat your electrical equipment with the best service. Keeping your home, smart has never been easier.


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air conditioning service
Air Conditioning Service Can Save You Money

The heating should take place in your oven and not in your home! Why should you fry in our house when you can get timely air conditioning repair service? When times are tough, many homeowners are trying to finding ways to save some coins and save some money. However, before considering cancelling your regular air conditioning service, you should keep in mind that this will save you a lot of the money.

Vital air conditioning maintenance:

Many owners do not understand to what extent an air conditioning service is actually maintaining their equipment. Regular air conditioning maintenance not only involves fundamental modification of the filters that you can perform yourself; The technician will evaluate the system to determine if adjustments are needed to optimize performance and efficiency.

Minimize repair costs:

Most of us have experienced this sinking feeling when a repair bill is much higher than we expected. Although this may seem unpredictable, regular maintenance can prevent some of these unpleasant surprises in repair. The reason for this is that the technician can look for worn components that can be replaced before they cause a defect. This is usually much more profitable and minimizes repair costs. It can also minimize the risk of cascading failure, which puts the repair costs out of control.

Avoid call rates:

The first thing you will probably notice on an emergency air conditioning repair bill is the heavy charge of the call. There is a high probability that a disturbance occurs at the worst possible time. Then you can say that you call a technician in the afternoon or on the weekend. This means that you will have to pay a call fee before the technician opens the toolkit. However, if your system has been checked regularly, it minimizes the risk of a sudden interruption.

air conditioning repair

Save your energy costs:

In addition to the functionality of their systems, regular air con systems ensure optimal operation. Over time, even the most energy efficient devices can lose efficiency as they wear out. Fortunately, this can be mitigated with a regular service. During the service, the technician checks all the components and configurations to provide the highest level of efficiency. Because heating and cooling account for most of the energy costs in the home, you can obtain significant savings.

Longer life of the equipment:

The last and most important benefit of regular maintenance is that it can extend the life of your equipment. Most manufacturers calculate that air conditioning will last between ten and 15 good years on average. However, these numbers can only be achieved if the system benefits from adequate attention. Although you may want to save a little money, investing in a regular service will allow you to enjoy a longer equipment life and save money in the long term.

You can contact us if you find any issues with your heating or cooling devices. The Quick Air team has experience in all aspects of air conditioner installation maintenance, and repair, and maintenance. We are also happy to answer your questions.


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gas heater servicing
All You Need to Know Before Buying a Heating System

Sometimes we desire cold temperatures (Especially when our environment is hot) and other times we desire hot temperatures (Especially when our environment is cold), the temperature we want at any point in time is dependent on what the ambient temperature around us is. In most of the western world where cold temperatures are normal, during the winter season, hot temperatures become desirable and this is where heating comes in.

What is Heating

Heating is defined as the process of raising or increasing the temperature of a specifically defined space or area for the purpose of increasing comfort. Heating tends to increase temperatures in situations where higher temperatures are generally seen as being more comfortable. When we talk about domestic heating then we bring up the topic of heating systems. When it comes to domestic heating one of the most utilized heating systems is the Central Heating System.

A central heating system increases the temperature or in other words, provides warmth to a whole building or a part of a building from a source region (This is usually where the heating system is located) to other rooms in the building. The whole heating system is sometimes referred to as an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system.

gas heater service adelaide

Types of Heating Systems

There are various types of heating systems and each heating system has its own specific medium or way of heating. Some of these include:

Gas central heating

Gas central heating is used in homes that are connected to the mains gas grid. The gas is delivered to individual homes through underground pipelines. It is a more convenient way of heating and can be easily controlled with a thermostat.

Heating oil

Central Heating Systems that use heating oil are more rampant in the rural areas, these are areas that are disconnected from the mains gas grid. Houses usually have a tank located on the property, it is in this tank that the heating oil is kept after it has been supplied by the supplier


Liquid petroleum gas is also used in homes not connected to the mains gas grid, LPG is a clean fuel and emits far lesser carbon dioxide than your conventional liquid fuels. Unlike heating oil, LPG tanks are stored underground.

Electrical central heating

Electrical Central heating is also another means of heating. It is used primarily in homes that are not connected to the gas grid. It is convenient, doesn’t require pipelines and is available worldwide. Heating services are required for optimum performance.

Advantages and disadvantages

Each of the heating systems has their pro’s and con’s, for example; the Gas central heating is more convenient and cost-effective, however gas central heating system installation from scratch is very expensive. The heating oil system is dependent on global price fluctuations, this means prices could be lower during certain periods and higher in others, kerosene is a fossil fuel and emits carbon dioxide into the air. In the LPG system, since the tank is stored underground it is relatively safe. LPG tanks need to undergo heating services annually by an engineer, the cost of gas can be expensive. The electrical central heating system is cheap to install, however, it’s running cost is more expensive when compared to other heating options.


Heating your home is very important, and it is important we use the most appropriate heating system when we want to do so, but not just the most appropriate heating system but the best heating services are required because a system is only as good as the person or people that install it.


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