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6 Air Conditioning Myths Proven Wrong

There are lots of air conditioning myths doing its rounds, leading to misinformation and people doing the wrong things. You too may have come across some of these myths some time or the other. This is why this is an attempt at demystifying these air conditioning myths and setting things straight.

Myth no.1: AC filters need to be replaced annually

False. It is better if you change air filters every month, if not every three months. This is especially important if you have pets and someone with an allergy at home as dirty filters reduces air flow quality. It also leads to increased utility bills and possible problems as your AC has to work harder to cool the room.

Myth no.2: The house cools faster upon lowering the thermostat

False. The AC does not work harder just because you have lowered the thermostat’s temperature. In fact, the thermostat does not depend on the temperature setting to cool or heat your home.

Myth no.3: You save money and energy switching off the AC while at work

This is partially true as you do save money by switching the air conditioner off while at work. But at the same time, you force your air conditioner to work more to cool your home once switched on.

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So the money or energy you save with the AC off during the day is compensated when you turn the AC back on in the evenings. You should instead adjust the thermostat to about 5 or 6 degrees so that the AC works less in the day. So it doesn’t have to work too hard to cool off your home at night.

Myth no.4: As long as the AC turns on, it’s working fine

False. Even though the AC may work when switched on, don’t ignore any unusual sounds coming from it. It could be something major which if ignored can lead to bigger and more expensive air conditioning repair job. Call your AC technician to check your unit if you notice something amiss.

Myth no.5: You don’t need ceiling fans if you have an AC

False. Buying a ceiling fan when you buy your AC is a very wise decision. They together not only help save energy but also raise your comfort levels. As air conditioners are fixed at high levels, the air it emits may not reach you directly.

In fact, the cool air in an air-conditioned room is stagnant and hotter than flowing air. However, if you also switch on a ceiling or stand fan with the air conditioner, then the fan moves the cold stagnant air to increase our comfort levels.

Myth no.6: Air conditioners don’t need annual servicing

False. All electronic appliances, including your air conditioner, needs regular servicing for improved working and efficiency. In fact, don’t wait only for your annual check-up. You can make it a habit to inspect your air conditioners periodically for any problems it may have. It’s better fixing small problems instead of ignoring it, and it grows into a bigger problem.

Now that these 6 myths have been dispelled, you will be able to bring out the best in your air conditioner and prolong its life.


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Most Common Heating Problems That Require Repair

Every homeowner depends on his/her heating and cooling unit during the winter season. Heating units have become an integral part of our life, and it’s hard to imagine a world without them. Keeping your heating and cooling unit in good working condition is critical, especially if you want it to provide exceptional performance during the cold season. All HVAC experts agree that changing your air filters after every one month is one of the essential maintenance tips that homeowners should pay lots of attention to. Equally, you should ensure that your heating device gets examined by a professional HVAC technician after every three months. The expert can help to get your unit ready for upcoming cold weather by potentially fixing all the problems that might result in expensive heating service during the busy months of winter.

Even with regular maintenance and servicing, HVAC problems will always arise. This implies that having an idea of what to expect when these problems occur is important. So let us briefly discuss some of the most common heater service issues that you’ll likely come up against in future.

Loud and disturbing noises:

If your heating unit is producing some clanging or any other crazy sounds, there could be a few reasons. A dirty filter or one which was installed into the furnace inappropriately could be the primary culprit. Also, experts warn that such a problem can occur when a bolt, screw or any other piece of equipment becomes loose in the vents. This is usually a complicated issue to diagnose, implying that you’ll need the assistance of well-trained and experienced heating and cooling expert.

Warm and cold spots:

You always want your heater to offer optimal performance, especially in winter. Sadly, this is always not the case, and it is quite common to experience hot and cold spots in your home. Again, dirty filters and coils are known to compromise the way your heater functions. Research has also shown that an old heating system that is not properly maintained can cause this particular problem. You might want to call in an expert to examine your unit, especially if it hasn’t been inspected during the previous year. Of course, you’ll be forced to purchase a new heating unit to offer a permanent solution.

Increased energy bills:

With the ever-increasing energy costs, you want to install a highly energy-efficient heating and cooling unit that can potentially reduce your monthly energy costs as much as possible. If you realize that your monthly energy bills are skyrocketing for no apparent reason, it is likely your heating unit is not functioning appropriately. With time, dirt, as well as other debris, might block the airflow, a phenomenon that makes your heating unit to strain even harder to make your house comfortable. You will have to seek the assistance of a qualified technician to examine your device.

No warm air is coming out:

This is one of the most common issues that homeowners face with their heating and cooling units. If your boiler is blowing, but only cold air comes out, then your thermostat is the first place to start. Carefully examine your thermostat and ensure it is set to heat. Another notable problem that might cause your system to experience this particular problem is overheating. Dirty or blocked filters are two primary factors that might cause overheating. You’ll have to contact a technician for immediate assistance. You’ll have to change out the filters and allow your heater to cool for a couple of hours before turning it on once more.

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These are just a few common problems that you are likely to face. As we previously mentioned, always have your HVAC unit repaired by an experienced technician. Of course, there are many heating repair technicians out there, and it can be a daunting task finding the best one. Below are a few tips to help you choose an HVAC contractor.

  • Licensing and experience: Your heating unit is arguably the most expensive device in your house. You want to ensure that the individual working on it has the relevant knowledge and expertise to diagnose the problems.
  • Reputable company: It is critical to seek out a contractor excellent good and positive reviews. Do your due diligence and get to know how a particular contractor has been serving other customers. If the reputation is good, work with him.
  • Certification is key: A certified contractor is not only professional in his/her work but equally efficient and knowledgeable.
  • Friendly and supportive: A good contractor should relate to you in a good way and look for genuine solutions to your problems. What’s more, a friendly contractor will give you an estimate of your home’s yearly energy bills for the type of heating unit he/she is recommending to you.


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Most Common Issues That Demand Heating Repair

Almost everyone who uses a heater at home or in the office has had to repair it a few times during its lifetime. It is because several problems affect the way it operates. Thankfully. Most systems end up working as good as new ones after successful heating repair.

Examples of the issues that affect many heaters nowadays include:

Wear and Tear

After using the heater for some time, it will most likely experience natural wear and tear of some components. It usually causes heating problems such as:

  •        Overheating
  •        Heat control related issues
  •        Airflow problems

Lack Of Maintenance

After installing the heater, it is not wise to just sit back and use it for years without having a professional check on the system. Always schedule inspections and maintenance by professionals at least once or twice every year.

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Doing this gives a chance for the technicians to study the system to make sure that it is functioning the right way. At this time, they can also identify any issues that are cropping up and deal with them right away so that they do not come and explode later on.

It gives the heating system a chance to run more reliably and efficiently because everything is in its place.

Dirty And Clogged Filters

These are the primary cause of reduced airflow. When this happens, it forces the heater to put in more effort to circulate the much-needed warm air.

At times, a clogged filter may be the reason behind damaging light switches which are responsible for controlling the fan a sign that shows it is time to invest in the heating repair.

Heater Does Not Produce Enough Heat Or Does Not Heat At All

You may notice that after some time, the heater may be producing less heat than what it usually does. Sometimes, it may even stop functioning altogether.

In addition to clogged filters, reduction of heat typically occurs when someone is not using the correct size of a heater to heat up their living space. When it does not produce any temperature, it may be because of issues with the pilot light, thermostat setting, gas, or power.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

If the heater’s thermostat is not operating as it should, it results to problems with comfort levels as well as with the fan.

Pilot Control Problems of Electric Ignition

When the pilot or ignition is faulty, the heater may have a difficult time heating up a commercial space or a residential home. Clogs, thermocouple problems, and drafts are some of the culprits behind the unlit pilot lights.

A Continuously Running Blower

If the blower does not stop running, it may be an indication that the limit switch is having some issues. Most of the times, repair technicians have to step in and replace it so that you can continue using the heating system comfortably.

Recurrent Cycling

It is time to think about heating repair when your systems automatically switch between the off and on modes. These may indicate that the heater has several issues like improper airflow, bad thermostat, or clogged filters.

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Top 6 Tips on How to Hire a Top Air Conditioning Company

Whenever you want to hire a top air conditioning company, you must be aware of the facts that will help you make a perfect choice depending on your home needs. In addition, with these guidelines, you should understand that you would enable you to save money and money concurrently during the process. Here are the six tips on how to hire a top air conditioning repairs company if you really need a good job done altogether:

  1. Study up for the operations of the company

It is important that you find out about the operations of the company such as license as well as insurance requirements whenever they it is operating in your neighborhood. When you check these requirements, you will ascertain on whether a company will operating legally before you can hire them. In addition, you must know your current system model as well as its maintenance history. By making note of any kind of uncomfortable rooms, it will assist you in noticing the potential companies that will offer you these excellent services.

  1. Ask for referrals before hiring

When you ask friends, neighbors, or even co-workers for company referrals, they will help you make an informed choice especially when looking for the best deals. In addition, you can contact local trade organizations if you want names of members who live your area before you can hire one company to provide you these services.

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  1. Call references

Asking companies for customer references before calling them is another option that you can use whenever you need these services. It is important that you ask about the servicer’s installation or even service performance, since it will enable you complete the job on time at the same time within the estimated budget.

  1. Find any kind of special offers

Maintaining a heating and cooling system can be expensive sometimes for your family. However, when you find special offers from the air conditioning companies, you will save money as a homeowner in the process. Alternatively, you can learn on how to keep down your costs down through checking around for any existing special offers to enable you reduce your costs. Ultimately, you will get the best services without having to spend more money in the process.

  1. Anticipate a home evaluation

The company should spend significant part of their time by doing an inspection of your current system as well as needs of your home before offering some of the best services. A bigger system is not always better; a company must know the heating and cooling system’s size based on the house’s size, level of insulation, as well as windows.

  1. Get written and itemized estimates

When comparing company’s proposals (bids), you should ensure you compare cost, existing warranties and energy efficiency before hiring one. Through this, a good company will offer the best services by inspecting your duct system for air leaks (if applicable) before insulation by measuring the airflow to ensure it meets the specifications of the manufacturers.

In conclusion, the above are six tips on how to hire a top air conditioning company if you really need a good job done to enhance safety in your home.

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6 Hacks to Reduce Air Conditioning Noise

An air conditioning system can bring great comfort to a home, especially during the scorching summer months. But sometimes, they can also contribute to noise pollution in a home, a place that is supposed to be a refuge, and a place of peace, calm and comfort.

Are you looking to reduce the noise that your current air conditioner makes? Read on to find out how.

  1. When it comes to noise reduction for your air conditioner, the location of your air conditioning unit and its many components is critical. As much as possible, place air conditioning units as far away from windows and bedrooms as possible.
  2. Do not install your air conditioning unit in spaces that are conducive to sound echoes, such as between brick walls and wedged into corners.  Sound is amplified when it bounces off multiple surfaces, so if you want to reduce the noise your air conditioning unit makes, you should avoid this kind of location at all costs.  
  3. Schedule for air conditioning service regularly.

An annual visit from your air conditioning Melbourne specialist can ensure that your air conditioning system is running smoothly and as quietly as possible. Upon inspection, he will be able to detect any components that are blocked or clogged by unwanted debris, which can affect the operation of these components and the noise they make as they operate.

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  1. Invest in a sound blanket around your compressor.

Within your air conditioning unit, the compressor is often one of the noisiest components. Thankfully there is technology that can reduce this noise. Talk to your HVAC specialist or air conditioner repairs technician for their recommendation on how to go about installing a sound blanket around your compressor.

A sound blanket is meant to absorb noise and echo, but do take note that they eventually erode, especially if particularly exposed to the elements. Choose a sound blanket of sound quality so that it will last longer.

  1. Build a noise-reducing fence or add shrubbery and other thick foliage.

Shrubbery and other plant life are more than just decorative items in your home – when installed in strategic locations, that is, as a separator between an air conditioning unit and your home, it can help block noises coming from the air conditioner.

A noise-reducing fence is specifically built for this same function. Don’t forget to make sure that the fence is taller than the outdoor unit of your air conditioner. You must also leave a considerable distance between the unit and the noise-reducing fence to ensure that there will be proper ventilation around the air conditioning.

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  1. Get an air conditioning unit that specifically calls out its noise reduction functionality

Sometimes it’s better to start over instead of trying to correct an already existing and incredibly noisy air conditioner. When you start shopping for a new air conditioner, be sure to find a brand and model that highlights its noise reduction functionality. While you’re at it, don’t forget to read up on user reviews for your shortlist of potential air conditioners to get you a better idea of how they really perform.

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