Things to Consider When Purchasing a Heater

Purchasing a new heater for your home is a big buying decision. You may be trying to heat a single room or ducted central heating options. Regardless, thought should be given to a number of factors before making your decision.

What heater is the best for you?

Many people get the wrong heater for their area. You need to consider all the available options, for example, is there access to natural gas in your area? Do you have a free supply of firewood if you live in a rural area?

What type of climate do you live in?

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Does the temperature outside mean your house needs to be heated 24 hours a day or does it just get a bit cold on some nights? What’s the variation between summer and winter?

  • Do you live in a moderate climate where your heating needs will be minimal? If so it might be best to get a small electric heater, but beware, even moderate use of an electric element or fan heaters will quickly add up to expensive utility bills.
  • If it’s hot in summer and cold in winter a split system air conditioner may be the best for you.
  • If you live in a cold climate where you will need to heat your whole home regularly it is probably best to get gas ducted central heating. Gas ducted heating will heat your home quickly and evenly and will have much cheaper utility bills than electric heating. Top end units will also allow zoning allowing you to control the heating levels in different areas of your home.

How much room do you need to heat?

If you only want to heat a small room for short periods you’re better off buying a cheap heater even if its running costs are high per hour. If you want to heat the whole house it’s worth investing in a heater that is efficient and has low running costs – the initial outlay will be higher (although not as high as some might suspect. You can have gas ducted heating installed for as little as $3000) but it will be cheaper in the long term. Ducted gas heating is the best option for whole home heating.

How much will it cost?

You need to consider the initial purchase price, any installation costs and the running costs of the heating system. If you can afford it, it is better to spend slightly more for a higher rated efficiency system as this will save you a lot of money in the long run.

  • Electric heating will always be more expensive than gas per hour
  • If you will be using your heater regularly gas heating is recommended
  • Gas ducted heating repairs are reasonable and will be cheaper than split system air conditioner repairs.

Pros and cons of different heaters?

You need to consider the design of your home itself. If you are building a new home you might like to include central heating in the design. Also consider insulation, ventilation, curtains and blinds, size of windows. These all impact on how well the heat is contained in your home. When building a new home you should also look into high rated insulation and double glazed windows, the extra outlay on insulating materials will keep your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter and will drastically reduce the heating and cooling expenses over the lifetime of your home.

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