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What to Do If Your Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

Homeowners in Melbourne experience air conditioning problem from time to time. Finding your air conditioning unit won’t turn on when the summer heat soars can be highly frustrating. It is recommended to engage professional technicians to solve the issue because they can ensure the safety and integrity of your AC unit. There may be various reasons for the problem and if not handled correctly it may further put you in more extensive repairs.

However, before calling a qualified air conditioner repair Melbourne services; there are few simple DIY steps homeowners can follow to possibly troubleshoot and fix the issues if they are minor.

Check the thermostat

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If the thermostat is set to “heat”, your air conditioner will not kick. So, make sure that the thermostat is set to “cool” and try turning it on.

Check the air filter

air conditioning serviceIf the air filter is dirty, it may block air from returning to the air conditioner, resulting in low airflow over the evaporator coil that eventually makes it freeze. This may cause a low-pressure switch to trip and cease the compressor of your air conditioner. So, check your AC’s air filter; clean-up or replace it if necessary. Regular maintenance can help check the filter is dirty and fix it before turning into big issues.

Check the circuit breakers

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If the circuit breaker is tripped, it may block the electric current from the power system. Check for any tripped breakers in the electric panel. If you find any, reset the tripped breaker into OFF position and then turn it into ON position. However, if the breakers trips immediately again, do not try to reset it; because, you may end up either with a grounded circuit or a short circuit. It is time to call a qualified technician for help.

Check the condensate drain

If the condensate drain is blocked with gunk, the drain float switch will shut down your AC to avoid any potential damages associated with water overflow. So, if the drain line is found clogged, you can use a wet-dry vacuum to suck out the gunk and free the blockages.

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If your air conditioner does not turn on even after applying the above DIY methods then, it is crucial to engage a professional air conditioner service in Melbourne. Let our expert air conditioner technicians diagnose your AC problems and provide you with the required fix quickly.


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